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There is one of the right places to enjoy satay dishes in Solo.
Culinary Info / June 27, 2018
Actually, wedangan can be said to be a lifestyle that is so thick in Solo.
Culinary Info / June 23, 2018
Who doesn't like ice cream delights? Sweet and cold taste indeed makes ice cream an idol.
Culinary Info / June 19, 2018
In the southern part of Solo, there is a soto stall which is a favorite place to eat for officials.
Culinary Info / June 17, 2018
When staying at a hotel in Solo and intending to have a culinary tour, one of the areas that a traveler must visit is the Keprabon area.
Culinary Info / June 13, 2018
Just like other cities in Indonesia, especially Java, the Solo city in Central Java Province also has a large field more commonly called as alun-alun.
Culinary Info / June 7, 2018
Thengkleng, is one of the food menu that only available in Solo.
Culinary Info / April 17, 2018
Visiting Solo city, don't forget to explore the delcious culinary.
Culinary Info / April 3, 2018
Visiting Solo city, central Java, don't forget to taste the delicious culinary.
Culinary Info / April 1, 2018
Many areas in Indonesia which have culinary from the past. Each of them has a characteristic both from the taste and the ingredients.
Culinary Info / March 27, 2018