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Jurug, is a tourist area that used to be known as the zoo.
Info Nature / June 29, 2018
Now, a traveler does not need to get to Japan if he wants to see cherry blossoms, because in Karanganyar precisely in Tawangmangu there are already beautiful sakura hills.
Info Nature / June 25, 2018
Enjoying nature scenery while having a picnic is bore for some people. To experience the new sensation that more beautiful and challenge we can try paragliding.
Info Nature / May 29, 2018
Waduk Delingan is located in Dukuh Pojok Delingan, Desa Delingan, Kecamatan Karanganyar, Kabupaten Karanganyar, Solo Raya, Provinsi Jawa Tengah.
Info Nature / May 27, 2018
Boyolali Regency, Central Java keep developing itself with makes a new nature potential to attract the visitors or the tourists.
Info Nature / May 3, 2018
All this time, the tourists’ destination is always in Solo Raya, the place is more dominated by Solo as a cultural and tourism city with Karanganyar Regency located on the slope of Mount Lawu.
Info Nature / May 1, 2018
Agro tourism concept on the several years often becomes a concept which offered by many tourism sectors in order to attract the travelers.
Info Nature / April 29, 2018
Wonogiri regency in Central Java Province is a region which located in the south of Solo city and its tourism potential has not known well yet.
Info Nature / April 27, 2018
In tourism sector, Wonogiri Regency which located in Central Java Province only has a few objects if it compared with other regency or city like Karanganyar regency or Solo.
Info Nature / April 21, 2018
Karanganyar regency which part of Solo Raya, Jawa Tengah Province keeping much tourism object that has a history value.
Info Nature / April 19, 2018