Sakura Hill Lawu Karanganyar, New Nature Tourism in Solo

Does the traveler want to see the beauty of cherry blossoms but still confused with the distance that is so far in Japan? Now, a traveler does not need to get to Japan if he wants to see cherry blossoms, because in Karanganyar precisely in Tawangmangu there are already beautiful sakura hills. This nature tourism has the name Bukit Lawu Karanganyar.


Sakura Hill Lawu Karanganyar is located in the hamlet of Tlogodringo, Gondosuli, Tawangmangu, Karanganyar, Solo. To get to the destination the traveler can use personal transportation or public transportation. If you choose public transportation, you can hire a motorcycle taxi in Tawangmangu Market. Meanwhile, if you choose to use private transportation, the traveler simply searches for directions to get to Sakura Lawu Karanganyar Hill. Whereas accommodation matters can choose hotels in Solo or in Karanganyar because these two areas are located close together.

The beginning of the existence of Sakura Lawu Karanganyar Hill

Construction of Sakura Lawu Karanganyar Hill is carried out by Toyota Indonesia company. Toyota Indonesia again showed its support for nature. Planting of cherry trees was carried out in early 2018. At that time, 60 new trees were planted.

This Sakura Hill Lawu Karanganyar built by Toyota Indonesia is indeed the only sakura hill located on the slopes of Lawu. In the future it will be a unique natural tourism choice in Central Java. The forestry area used for the Sakura Lawu Karanganyar Hill is 1.2 hectares.

Currently Indonesian tourists no longer need to get to Japan to see how beautiful cherry blossoms are. Just come to Tawangmangu. Besides the beginning of 2018, the planting of cherry trees was also carried out in March 2018 in the same year. This planting is carried out for up to 40 cherry trees.

In nursery and cherry planting, Toyota always collaborates with a number of related parties such as the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Perhutani institutions, LIPI and Surakarta Sebelas Maret University. This means, there is a large participation from various groups ranging from academics, communities, businesses to the government.

Tawangmangu itself is a natural mountain tourism area located on the border between Central Java and East Java. Because it is located on the slopes of Mount Lawu, this place has a very cool air temperature and is in accordance with the character of the sakura garden.

This natural tourism object, in addition to vacationing can also be used as a sakura conservation area. With its existence, it is hoped that it will enhance the positive image of eco tourism in Solo Raya in particular and Central Java Province in general.