Sate Kambing Tambak Segaran Solo, Enjoy Satay with Different Forms

There is one of the right places to enjoy satay dishes in Solo. The place is Sate Kambing Tambak Segaran. For travelers who like culinary satay, Segaran Goat Satay is like a mandatory culinary that must be visited, especially for fans of sweet aroma. Based on the story, Sate Kambing Tambak Segaran is the result of the creation of Chinese descendants who have the name Liem Hwa Yoe. He started selling at Tambak Segaran in 1948.

Sate Kambing Tambak Segaran is located on Jl. Tambak Segaran 39. To go to that location, a traveler can use various modes of transportation such as city transportation, motorcycle taxi, to taxi. If a traveler uses a private vehicle, a traveler can find the location of the Segaran Goat Goat Satay via Google Map. It is not many hotels are located close to Jl. Tambak Segaran. But because of the ease of access, culinary tourism lovers who are visiting the city certainly will not waste the opportunity to enjoy this Segaran Goat Satay Goat dish.

Different forms of satay

For fans of goat satay in Solo, Sate Kambing Tambak Segaran may be familiar. Sate Kambing Tambak Segaran is different from sate in general. Satay here is made from minced meat with a thin goat fat sheet. This is what makes it called sate buntel. Buntel means bandage or wrap.

The making of satel buntel by chopping goats and spiced with various spices to make the flavor stronger. When burned, the wrapping fat will melt and soak in mutton. This is what makes the aroma more appetizing.

The unique way to process it also makes goat meat soft and has a distinctive aroma. Make no mistake, even though a traveler is eating mutton, but the traveler will not smell the smell of goats. In fact, one way to make mutton more tender is to get rid of all the goat’s muscles. The muscle can still be processed into other dishes or as a mixture of satay spices.

Sate Kambing Tambak Segaran also offers a variety of menus that use basic ingredients of goat meat. Starting from curry, thengkleng, rica-rica to goat fried rice, all are available and are always ready to spoil the tongue of the visitor. For the drink consists of several kinds of choices such as ice tea, orange ice, lemon tea, warm tea and so on. Although it is an old shop, but this one culinary tourism object is still able to provide a very friendly and satisfying service for visitors.